Self Publishing A Book, 4 Secrets To Success

Self publishing a book can be a very profitable proposition if you know how to do it properly. As many an author knows going the traditional route of finding a publisher can not only be discouraging but can also be extremely unprofitable in the majority of published books.

Today with the internet and the newest printing technologies not only is it fast to self publish a book but is financially rewarding.

Following are 4 Simple Secrets for success to self publish a book.

1. Find a Good POD (Printer On Demand). A POD can print your books on demand in any quantity you want. Today you don’t have to print a thousand books to get a good price brake. You can now print one book if you want and pay as little as a few dollars leaving you money to market your book.

2. Set Up a Website. You can easily set up a website for very little money to sell your book, products and services. If you are technically challenged put out a bid on or to do the work for you. You can have a good working site for as little as $250.00. Your website will work for you 24 hours a day seven days per week.

3. Build a Customer List. Have an opt-in box on your website to collect names and email addresses so you can keep in contact with your customers so you can sell them your information products or even another book you have written.

4. Sell Your Book through As soon as your book is self published list your book on Have a good book description and the proper keywords that will attract customers searching for the information in your book. Also look for any information that will help you market your book to be a best seller on Amazon. Being a best seller is easier than you think with the right information. Once you are a best seller your life will change drastically for the better.