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What You Must Know About Data Center Backup Power

When it comes to data center designs, any errors could prove very dear. Here is everything you ought to understand when it comes to data center power distribution. Around thirty-six percent of data center outages arise because of a power failure. Bearing in mind these are where your vital processing systems are, even the slightest power outage can be overwhelming to a business. Not only can you incur significant losses in work due to outage, you’re likely also to risk unhappy customers when they cannot contact you or get any information they may have kept with you. In addition, you may lose essential data resulting from the failure. 36 percent is not a small number, and even if you have decent data center power distribution, it can still happen. You can’t stop a power interruption from occurring. However, what you can do is get ready for one to minimize your loses. In this article, we highlight some of the key things regarding data center power distribution you should understand.

If you are not careful, you are likely to end up with too much or too little power. Invest time in figuring out the amount of power you will require for your backup system in advance to avoid any dear mistakes. One of the major errors that people usually make is letting their needs on the nameplate power rating on their serves dictate their decisions. In most real-life cases, the servers will only utilize about 50 percent of their computer capacity at any one time. This implies basing your backup power computations on nameplate power ratings will only result in your spending way more than what is needed. Instead, it is best to check the past power usage for your data center. Without doubt, you should go for a potent solution that provides a bit more than your past maximum usage; however, there is no need to go over the line.
A quality backup system should have numerous in-built point of failures. Otherwise, you might risk the entire backup system failing. An excellent way out is to utilize two power distribution unis in your backup system. This will astronomically reduce the chances of your whole power system going down.

Exercise caution when reviewing the equipment you choose for your backup system. You might be stuck with a backup system that yields way more power than what is needed, or possibly end up with one that will overkill your uninterruptible power supply (UPS). To prevent tripping your UPS, be sure you read through your servers’ documentation carefully and pick an option that is well-suited with the equipment you have. It should be suitable for the task.
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